PMC H-8 Aquatic Weed Harvester Specifications

Aquatic Weed Harvester Cutting Capability and Head Design

The H-8 Aquatic Weed Harvester has an 8-foot wide by 6-foot deep cutting ability and  a 5 ton storage capacity. All cut material is conveyed from the front  to the rear of the harvester and can be off-loaded with the adjustable-height rear conveyor.  Cutting, conveying, lift and propulsion system speeds are easily  adjustable for the harvesting and handling of different density materials. The  bottom-cutting bar is equipped with rock guards so if the cutting head is run  aground or into a foreign object the cutting blades are protected.  Incorporated  into the head suspension frame design is a shock-absorbing feature.  In the  event of an accidental ramming of the head, the shock to the head is adsorbed  eliminating or reducing damage to the head or its suspension  frame.

Aquatic Weed Harvester Flotation and Hull

The  draft is 6 inches when empty and only 20 inches when fully loaded.  This shallow  draft allows maximum harvesting to be achieved in shallow areas as well as  trouble free launching and loading.  The hull is fabricated of heavy gauge steel  and has 5 airtight compartments for safety and durability.  There are 8 lifting eyes located around the perimeter of the hull allowing multiple lifting  options.

Aquatic Weed Harvester Coatings and Plating

All  painted surfaces are coated with the highest grade of marine paint and non-skid  deck pads are applied to all walkway areas.  Conveyor and cutter drive  components are plated with a nickel plaiting and conveyor belting is available  in stainless steel or galvanized.  The bearings and the engine are coated with a  clear corrosion inhibiting marine coating.

Aquatic Weed Harvester Power Pack and Hydraulic System

The  power plant is either a water-cooled, naturally aspirated 24.8-HP Kubota Tier 4 compliant diesel or a 44.3-HP Kubota Tier 4 compliant turbocharged diesel. Kubota is known for its  trouble-free service and longevity.  The cutting, conveying, lift and propulsion  systems are hydraulically powered using standard industry pumps, control valves,  cylinders, bearings and motors insuring dependability and availability of  parts.  All hydraulic piping is stainless steel and the use of hoses has been  kept to a minimum to reduce maintenance.  With a fuel capacity of 12 US gallons  and hydraulic fluid capacity of 21 US gallons, a full day of uninterrupted  operation is possible. The hydraulic fluid used is one of the most  environmentally friendly and is biodegradable.

Aquatic Weed Harvester Propulsion  and Steering

Propulsion  and steering are accomplished through dual and independently reversible paddle  wheels controlled by a single joystick.  This system gives the operator a very  articulate and accurate steering system. Because the paddle wheels are  independently reversible, a zero radius turn can be achieved.  This allows the  ship to turn around within its own length. The paddle wheels fully retractable,  which is used during transportation and docking.

Aquatic Weed Harvester Operator Controls and Instrumentation

Cutters,  conveyors and lift functions are controlled buy a seven segment lever handle  style valve and manual flow control valves for speed control.  The engines RPM  is controlled by a twist type throttle allowing full range adjustment of engine  speed.  Instrumentation includes hydraulic oil pressure, engine oil pressure,  water temperature, voltage and a glow plug timer light.

Aquatic Weed Harvester Trailers

There  are two styles of H-8 trailers manufactured; Tilt and non-tilting style.  The H-8  trailers are designed for multi-purpose use.  First as a means of transporting,  launching and loading the harvester.  Secondly as a cut weed disposal vehicle.  Both styles have their own self-contained hydraulically powered full-length  conveyor system.  This allows harvested cuttings to be off-loaded from the  harvester onto the trailer and then power conveyed off at another location.   This feature of the trailer allows shorter disposal times and personnel to be  optimized.  The trailers have tandem axles, pentle style hitch, electric brakes,  full-length conveyor and a 10,000-pound electric winch for harvester handling  during the loading process.