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Clear Your Waterways from Invasive Weeds

In the forefront today is water restoration and protection. Many of our lakes and waterways have serious infestations of exotic weeds. Recognizing the need for clearing waterways we designed and built an aquatic harvesting machine capable of cleaning waterways choked with noxious and exotic weeds; elodea, hydrilla, milfoil, hyacinth, pondweed, duckweed, and other invasive plants.

Dynamic Force Against Exotic Weeds

The PMC H-8 Aquatic Weed Harvester is a dynamic force against exotic weeds. The management of milfoil, hyacinth, hydrilla and other exotic weeds is made easier with the 8-foot cutting head and weed conveying trailer which carefully picks up the weed mass. The harvester is an extremely stable platform with a powerful turbocharged Tier 4 compliant diesel Kubota engine.

High Quality Aquatic Weed Harvester Built to Last

Our machines are in operation worldwide. Our quality is superior, facilitating an extremely long-lived machine. Existing machines in Northern California have been in operation for 20 years without an interruption in service.