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Financing Your reKVR Aquatic Weed Work Boat

Get the Latest One-Person Aquatic Weed Harvester Boat Design to Keep Your Golf Course, Marinas, Ponds, Lakes, and waterways clear of invasive aquatic weeds

reKVR ‐ Recover your water to pristine condition with  reKVR, the newest one-person aquatic work-boat weed harvester. 

One-Person Operation – Lightweight – Low Maintenance

The reKVR is manufactured from aluminum, allowing it to be light, durable, and low-operation-maintenance. It can operate in a 10‐inch draft and carry more than 2000 pounds of product. 

The reKVR is built to be operated by a single operator from trailering to harvesting, allowing a low operation cost.

Low Maintenance Advanced Hydraulic Propulsion

The reKVR utilizes its advanced hydraulic system for daily operations and a proven Kohler engine for its powerplant. It has inset aluminum paddle wheels, allowing the reKVR to maneuver close to docks and shorelines for efficient water cleanup.

The reKVR can lower its cutting head down approximately 4 feet, allowing the cutting edges to harvest while utilizing the rear conveyor for effective offloading.



Proudly Made and Assembled in America.

Protect your waterways. Get the Latest equipment available

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