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Decades of Quality Manufacturing and Operation

 PMC Aquatics, LLC.

since 1990


Thank you for taking the time to restore and protect your water – such a valuable resource. We applaud you and share your passion.


Take a bite out of your invasive weeds with reKVR.


For decades we at PMC Aquatics, LLC.,  have been involved in building large aquatic harvesters and managing waterway recovery projects. It was working; we were removing evasive plants allowing for the waterway ecosystem to thrive and flourish again. 


Seeing the vast growth of invasive weeds consuming the available oxygen, boat slips, entire marinas, and golf course water features it became clear a remedy was needed. We artfully used the H-8 but soon realized that  more portable, lightweight solution was necessary. Boats were being turned away at marinas, activities were curtailed and when golfing we have seen the water hazards looking greener than fairways.


Our beautiful California winery ponds have been rendered useless for the same reason. The reality is, the invasive weeds are taking over our lakes and ponds. The current big industry commercial agriculture gear could not get into these spots, and if they did, they could not get close enough to do the job right or do it without a large crew.


One day while completing a honey-do-list mowing the lawn I realized I could cut grass with ease. Why not make cleaning up the marinas, golf course ponds, small lakes, and waterways as easy as a one-man-job of mowing your lawn? The journey began.


It was not easy to sculpt a design that fit the needed characteristics, much more than that.

The new design had to be:

Lighter to be transported more comfortably and have the ability to be trailered across softer and more delicate grounds (golf courses)

Smaller, to fit into places that small boats could go (boat slips)

Maneuverable so that you could get close to the shore or docks

Manageable, operated by a single operator (do it yourself).


The reKVR was born not made from steel because it would be too heavy, not fiberglass, because it would be too delicate but made from all-aluminum. The propulsion would not be propellor driven because it would get tangled in the weeds and not jet driven because it would plug up, but specially-designed inset paddlewheels that allow it to get close to shore and docks while not getting tangled.


The reKVR is a one-man lightweight aluminum beast. Order yours today! 



PMC Aquatics, LLC

Specialized Water Management Machinery Manufacturer of Aquatic Weed Harvesters for Clean Waterways Since 1990

PMC Aquatic Weed Harvesters  are very stable and many are still in operation for over 20 years. Made in the USA.

Protect your waterways. Get the Latest equipment available

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